Oderings Potting & Basket Mix 25L

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      Oderings Potting & Basket Mix is a comprehensive high quality mix suitable for indoor or outdoor use that promotes good health and vigour in your plants. Containing a balanced combination of ingredients that include; a blend of fine bark and peat, a wetting agent for even rehydration, and Total Replenish controlled release fertiliser, this is a careful blend of both quick release and long term release fertiliser, with essential trace elements. Oderings Potting & Basket Mix is PH adjusted to suit most plant types.


      Oderings Potting & Basket Mix is ideal for house plants, bulbs, flower plants, herbs, and perennials. Suitable for use in all planting situations, patio containers, baskets, bowls and raised garden beds.


      Available in store only. Prices may vary between the online store and physical store locations.




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