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    Seed Raising Mix 25L

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      Oderings Seed Raising Mix is rich in all the nutrients and ingredients vital for the optimum start and development of
      young seedlings. With a blend of fine bark and peat, it offers great drainage whilst holding onto moisture, making it an ideal medium for young roots to grow easily. 


      Oderings Seed Raising Mix is perfect for seed raising trays, containers and garden beds.



      Ordinary garden soil and products like this one may contain micro-organisms, some of which, on rare occasions can cause illness in humans. Serious infection is rare. However, for people with health issues or those with reduced immunity, infection can be life threatening. 


      We recommend the following precautions: 


      • Store out of direct sunlight
      • Open bag outside in a well ventilated area
      • Always wear a dust mask and gloves. Wash hands after use
      • To avoid disturbing the contents, cut bag to open, do not tear
      • Ensure the opening is directed away from your face to avoid inhaling contents
      • Dampen contents to eliminate dust
      • Use entire contents of bag all at once
      • Use within one month of purchase

      See your doctor if you develop a high fever, chill, breathlessness, or cough.


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