Lime Bearss (Tahitian) 1.3L

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    Heavier bearing selection of Tahitian Lime suited to cooler climates. Good size, seedless, juicy fruit, ideal for drinks or cooking. Great in pots.


    Use - Its compact habit and handsome foliage makes it an ideal plant for the garden, greenhouse or large containers.


    Position and care - Plant in full sun in a warm position sheltered clay or waterlogged sites. This can be avoided by planting on a mound to aid drainage and by incorporating plenty of compost at time of planting. 


    Planting guide - Before planting cultivate the soil to a depth of 20cm and mix in compost and complete garden fertilliser. Use Oderings Potting & Basket Mix for containers. 


    Full Sun

    Frost tender

    Height of up to 2.5m


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