About Us

Oderings is a 100% New Zealand privately owned family business of six generations spanning over 89 years. We currently have 9 branches nationwide, five in Christchurch and four in the North Island.


How it all began

Oderings was started in 1929 by Alfred Odering and his son Raymond when they purchased a empty section in Stourbridge Street, Spreydon, Christchurch.


Tomato plants and fruits were their first crop followed later with ferns, begonias, lily bulbs and flowers. Rapid progress through to the 50's meant that Oderings had grown and become prominent florists in Christchurch.


By 1950 Oderings were arguably the largest grower of bedding plants in Christchurch and in this year Raymond's son Donald joined the family business, eventually taking over in 1956. In 1984 Donald thought it was time to open one other retail garden centre at Philpotts Road, Christchurch.


Donald's children were now involved in the business and were in tandem with him in the rapid progress in opening another six stores throughout the 80's and 90's. In 2000 Donald retired and has been succeeded by four of his and Isobel's children who throughout the 21st century thus far have opened four more branches, one of these replacing the old Ferry Road store.


Oderings as a company have a passion for plants. Our continuing success will depend of doing what we do best; growing, presenting and selling plants. Oderings have confidence in our quality and service and hope you will join us in one of our 9 stores nationwide.


New Look & Branding 

Most of us remember shopping at Oderings as young children when our parents held our hand and the garden was an essential part of feeding the family; now a days these customers, their children and their children’s children have helped grow Oderings into a garden center dynasty spanning 9 stores Nationwide.


The challenge for Oderings started when they reassessed their branding and for this they needed help. This is where Strategy Design & Advertising became a fundamental partner to help reestablish and create the new branding. The main objective was to show existing and new customers the Oderings core values which are their knowledgeable staff, inspirational ideas, quality service and large selection. It was also important for the brand to demonstrate that Oderings are a trustworthy, honest and community minded family business who have stood the test of time.


The new logo, the Oderings crest which represents our family tree, symbolises both family heritage and strength in nature. The fresh and contemporary colour palette helped build a foundation for the unique illustration development which is packed full of colour and vibrancy. These initiatives and many more have been introduced into the Oderings Garden Centres and at Cashmere Road, Philpotts Road and Cambridge the whole concept can be seen in full effect.


The other challenge Oderings had is the current retail stores seemed to be an evolution of time, they had little to no cohesive elements and no two Oderings stores looked alike. Help was needed to focus the new branding developed by Strategy and bring discipline to the retails, giving them a unique Oderings style. This is where Hierarchy was introduced. Once they had an understanding of the Oderings customer needs they were able to approach the fit out with a flexible, modular solution which represented raw and honest natural finishes but while still maintaining a warm colour tone.


The store environment now focuses on the customer’s accessibility and shopping experience giving them relaxed and inviting areas to explore. The brand illustrations were the finishing touch, positioned on the floor, walls and ceilings adding colour and fun. Chris from Hierarchy is excited about Philpotts Road and Barrington Street stores, which will have more of a ‘shop within a shop solution’.



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